This is my Holiday Memory Book for Children

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The This is my Holiday playbook is a great first gift on a holiday with little ones.  Even better if you're a grandparent who's been convinced that a 'holiday' with the grandchildren will be so relaxing - get them one of these each and help them to fill it out if they're too little to read/write.  

Because there's nothing more random nor funny than hearing the answer to particular questions from a 3 year old.  For instance, "What was the best thing about your holiday?" Can produce the funniest responses.  I remember one of my twins, with a creased up face, looking particularly thoughtful saying in all earnestness "The bed".  At that point I wanted to point out that if the bed had been that awesome, it would have been excellent for all of us if he had stayed in his favourite thing for a little longer.... anyway....

This playbook tells you which photos to take and asks some questions.  It's made with lovely card stock so can handle a bit of abuse with a big pen or a crayon and it even has an excellent entirely wipeable and transparent outer cover to keep it extra safe against the odd orange juice spill.  

And once completed, it makes the perfect souvenir.  The second photo I have popped up here is actually a couple of my own children's books. They are priceless.  They remind me that my kids spent their entire young lives at the height of my bum (I have photographic evidence) and that they loved Brighton because their bed covers were 'pretty' (I would describe then as migraine inducing, but still, fabulous memories).