Why a memory book?

my little munchkins and me

Good question!  And I've got a good answer.  It's good because I'm in love with everything about our yearbooks.  The tag line 'Simply stunning and stunningly simple' goes some way to describe what is so unique about them.  But I'll start at the beginning.

I managed to give birth to three babies in a year (Biologically possible, if not a little silly). I had no time for baby journals - but I remember thinking, who does?  I mean, seriously, who is so happy after a sleepless night of Calpol administering to a screaming teething child that they'll gaily go to a book and pronounce 'baby's first tooth came out on Thursday 16 February'.  Every parent knows that there is no such thing as a Tuesday anymore - it's just one long endless exhilarating seat of your pants ride on the train of keeping it/them alive.  

Whilst I was going through the twilight zone of bringing up three babies (at the same time), I desperately wanted to keep some sort of memory album going, just so I could.... well..... remember when stuff actually happened. And so the yearbooks were born. They're a big part of my fourth baby, a design company producing unique gifts for the family.  And the yearbooks are, quite simply, stunning and brilliant and I'm very proud of them. *Although I am prouder of those three little munchkins who are now quite a bit bigger - thankfully, I have their entire lives so far documented in a yearbook or two ;).

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