Wot? No Personalisation?

I'm afraid that we don't personalise our yearbooks.  We have been asked if this is possible many times and we find ourselves apologetically explaining why we don't have the capacity to personalise every item that we produce. 

I'd like to rectify this by taking back any apologetic tone that I may have used in the past. We are not a printers, we are a design company.  We DESIGN.  We spend time and effort and (we'd like to think) talent in producing beautiful, classically designed and beautifully worded memory books that are stunningly simple to use and we send those books off to print at a specialist printing company who ensure that every book is printed perfectly and boxed carefully and then we take delivery of lots of memory books.  

Almost every page in every memory book has space to write names, thoughts, dates and words to make it extra personal - it is, in essence, exactly what I always imagined it would be; the perfect book that accompanies you, your child, your spouse, or your family for many many years and YOU and your loved ones personalise it EVERY YEAR.  

An extra name at the front does not make it more special - it simply makes it more difficult to deal with if, God forbid, you are given two identical books, or you misspell a name or you have a row with the intended recipient and you'd rather the Hunt-Johnson's reap the benefits of your brilliant gift buying prowess.

So.... by all means ask if we personalise and we can tell you our answer; just don't expect it to be apologetic ;).

And of course, if you were to give me a jar of Nutella with the wrong name emblazoned across the front, I wouldn't actually care.  But if I'm going to be awake in the early hours with a spoon and a jar, it may as well have my name on it right?

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