Getting to the point... quickly and sharply....

Today, I'm reminded of how petty I can be.  

I'm sure that there have been many typos and terrible homophone usage in my copy over the years.  But I'm certain that you'll not find a misspelling of the word 'stationery' anywhere.  

Now, I accept that it's probably because I'm so kinky for stationery, that seeing an 'a' instead of an 'e' in there is akin to nails down a chalkboard (or cotton wool... no?  Just me then).  But still, it's the english language!  And if you are writing for a living, are you not supposed to have a superior grasp of our mother tongue? (Oooh, I'm getting quite het up here; I'll stop now)

If you're emailing me to tell me how much you'd love to write something about our stationary, because you've always loved stationary, I will (and I've been surprised at my own restraint here) very politely decline your offer of a review.  It's stationery people.  Not stationary. 


(It was the same with the word 'liaison' when I worked in recruitment many years ago.  If your CV had the word liason in there, you'd have to be a frickin' genius at everything else to not get binned).

Harsh I know.

I think fair.

But harsh.

That's all. 







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