My daughter is currently revising for her A'Levels - two of which are Maths and Further Maths.  Math/s is another country to me.  This is surprising considering letters seem to have overtaken numbers in her work and I like letters. But only when they make up words... which is why I still like the infantile 'BOOBS' on a calculator trick and don't like her combination of letters.

My inability to compute goes back a long way. I never learned my times tables, but then I've been told that my generation were victims of a 'modern education directive' that involved not teaching them by rote.  As an adult, I've been told that I possibly have something called dyscalculia.  It's an idea that I loath and love in equal measure.  

The Loathe Side:  I don't mind being 'slow' with my maths; it hasn't really held me back in life and a simple declaration of 'I've never been good with maths' will usually suffice in an awkward situation.  I don't like labels and I'm sufficiently confident in my abilities to function as a human being to admit that there are just some subjects in which I entirely suck.  That's okay. It's never going to be a valid reason to sit in a corner gibbering with drool running down my chin*

The Love Side: On those days when a potential buyer at a stand is looking at me aghast as I struggle to find the price (THAT I HAVE SET) of a product and its RRP, Dyscalculia sounds a lot more impressive than a mere shrug and a failed O'Level joke. And if you ever happen upon one of our stands over Christmas time - do, for heaven's sake double check my pricing... Although to be fair, it's the reason I have the prices displayed so prominently on posters.

So when my daughter looks like she's working out an equation from 'A Beautiful Mind' (I even bought her the white china marker pencil to draw on the window), I can only look on with confusion and a little awe.  But when she's having issues with aforementioned bleeding awful A Levels, I can only respond with a 'Go Figure'.

And in the meantime, I wish I'd come up with this T-Shirt.  It's taken from Pinterest - something I'm JUST getting into.

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*I continue to search in vain for such reasons and will, of course, report on them once found.



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