I've got a thing about colour which is kinda weird as my clothes are all black.  Well... not ALL black. Black with the odd bit of grey and possibly white if I'm feeling positively light and airy.

But I love looking at colours, especially combinations of colours; it can be a range of notebooks all piled up together or a haberdashers' thread display, or a felt tip pen pack (who doesn't get that thrill of excitement at a perfectly aligned felt-tip pen set?).  All stationery shops if I'm honest.  It's a kinky thrill for me - what can I say?  Monochrome me surrounded by colour is just too delicious.

And now that we're coming out of horrible, cold and itchy winter - colour is starting to pop through; none more so than in our front garden.  I love the delicate pinks in our magnolia tree and nothing quite says 'hope' in spring than a perfectly blue sky.  Combine the two and it's a camera moment.  

Loving Spring so far.

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